Business Change Proposal Scorecard


Posted by Leonard Knight | Posted in Entrepreneurship | Posted on 08-11-2023


Business Change Suggestion Scorecard

Business Change Suggestion Scorecard

Please fill out this scorecard to evaluate the viability of your suggestion before submitting it for review. Score each criterion honestly from 0 (Lowest) to 5 (Highest). If the total score is above a certain threshold (e.g., 20), consider your suggestion viable and prepare a detailed proposal for submission. If the score is below this threshold, it may be best to refine your idea further before proceeding.

Evaluation Criteria

Once you have completed the scorecard, tally your scores. If the cumulative score is above 20, please draft a proposal with your detailed plan and potential impact. This should include a more in-depth analysis of cost, benefits, and required resources. Submit your proposal to management for consideration. If your score is below 20, consider what improvements could be made to your suggestion to increase its viability.

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