The hike


Posted by Leonard Knight | Posted in Outdoors | Posted on 18-11-2023


In the heart of the Smokies, under skies so grand,
Leonard and Chris set out, a map in hand.
With boots laced up, and spirits so bright,
Off they went, to the mountains’ great height.

Through the woods they strolled, with jokes and fun banter,
Avoiding fried chicken — in bear country, that’s the answer.
For bears might love it, more than we know,
Best to leave it at home, and let nature’s beauty show.

On a path where the wildflowers sweetly bloom,
They laughed, imagining a bear with a chicken leg zoom.
But with respect and care, they trekked on their way,
Admiring the forest, where the gentle creatures play.

Around a bend, in a clearing so wide,
A bear in the distance, they spotted with pride.
From afar they admired, with a thrill in their heart,
Nature’s majesty, in which they were a part.

So remember, when hiking where the wild bears roam,
Leave the snacks at home, and let the bears alone.
With Leonard and Chris, adventure never ends,
In the Smoky Mountains, where the wild path bends.

Weekly visit with Mom


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This week we were joined by Christine (Aunt Chris). We had a great visit, hike, lunch and a beautiful drive in East Tennessee.

Morristown, Tennessee Visit