Ask ChatGPT


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<div> <h3>Missing Folders on Mac</h3> <ul> <li><b>User:</b> I tried to move some of my hard drive folders to Google Drive on my Mac and now the folders are gone. Do you know what I did?</li> <li><b>Assistant:</b> If the icons for the folders are missing, it’s possible that they have become hidden or the system may have lost track of their location. Here are some things you can try to locate the missing folders:</li> <ul> <li>Search for the folders: Open Finder on your Mac and use the search bar to look for the missing folders. Make sure to select “This Mac” as the search location and type in the name of the missing folder.</li> <li>Check if the folders are hidden: Sometimes, folders can become hidden due to system settings or other issues. To check if the folders are hidden, go to the folder that previously contained the missing folders and select “View” from the menu bar at the top of the screen. From there, select “Show Hidden Files”. This will make all hidden files and folders visible in Finder.</li> <li>Use a data recovery tool: If you still can’t locate the missing folders, you can try using a data recovery tool like Disk Drill or EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard to recover the lost data.</li> </ul> <li><b>User:</b> So the folders downloads pictures and documents are all in my user folder on the Mac. But I still don’t see them in the side bar of Finder.</li> <li><b>Assistant:</b> If you can locate the folders in the user folder on your Mac but they are not visible in the Finder sidebar, it’s possible that they are not being shown due to a setting in Finder. Here’s how you can add the folders to the sidebar:</li> <ul> <li>Open Finder on your Mac.</li> <li>Go to the “Finder” menu in the top menu bar and select “Preferences”.</li> <li>Click on the “Sidebar” tab.</li> <li>In the “Favorites” section, click the checkbox next to “Downloads”, “Pictures”, and “Documents” to add them to the sidebar.</li> <li>Close the Finder Preferences window.</li> </ul> <li><b>User:</b> Can you regenerate the conversation we just had in a transcript format using some simple HTML to indicate what I asked him what you answered?</li> <li><b>Assistant:</b> Sure, here’s a transcript of our recent conversation:</li> </ul> </div>

1204 Kenesaw Ave, Suite AB


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Located in the heart of the Sequoyah Hills neighborhood, this multi-tenant commercial building is perfect for your business.

Suite AB is a large suite divided into 3 spaces. It could be a waiting area and two offices. It could be three offices. It could be used by a small team or an individual. It’s very flexible and a great place to get things done.

Address: 1204 Kenesaw Ave, Knoxville, TN 37919
Size: 575 sq ft
Monthly Rent: $1,617.72
Security Deposit: $900.00
Utilities: Electric, Gas, Water, and WiFi are Included

Visionary Horizons Turkey Day 2022


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Every year the VH team gathers to fry and smoke turkeys as gifts for their clients. It’s a great time! Great fellowship and team building.

Get Help Anytime!


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I’ve been using Neighborhood Nerds to get more done. I assign all kinds of tasks to the Nerds. A membership with the Nerds is similar to Fancy Hands but isn’t limited to just virtual tasks. The Nerds can go shopping, drop off dry cleaning, let the dog out, in addition to helping with every kind of consumer tech products and services.

The easiest way to get tasks into the hands of the Nerds? You can call/text 865-622-2422 but I prefer adding a link to my Home Screen on my iPhone. Just save the Help link as a shortcut on your phone.

Weekly visit with Mom


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This week we were joined by Christine (Aunt Chris). We had a great visit, hike, lunch and a beautiful drive in East Tennessee.

Morristown, Tennessee Visit

Vols win 52-49!!!


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The University of Tennessee Volunteers defeat Alabama 52 to 49!

The Reaction is AMAZING!

Latest litter of bunnies


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I bred our Flemish Giant, John Travolta, to our CG/New Zealand mix doe, Sandy. Here’s the litter of 7. They are three weeks old.

My new “toy”


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This air bow is serious about putting bolts on target! $145 on Amazon. This thing is very satisfying to shoot. This is just 10 yards to get the scope adjusted but it’s silly accurate. This one operates on paintball CO2 cartridges. So, it’s not legal in TN for hunting but it’s big brother is! They make a PCP air bow that’s supposedly even more impressive than this Air Javelin. I guess I’ll be ordering one of those soon.

Homesteading (Chickens)


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In May I ordered four Rhode Island Red chicks from tractor supply company. We recycled some pallets into a nice covered roosting area. The chickens prefer roosting on the top step of our deck. This will need to change. I’m now doing more work on their coop to make them feel more safe in it. hopefully we can work out a deal so they begin roosting in their coop. We should get farm fresh eggs every day as soon as they hit five or six months old.

Doing what I love!


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So, when people ask me what I do, I always answer I’m an Automation Engineer. I have an electrical engineering degree from the University of Tennessee and have been building automated solutions for manufacturing clients since 1991! I do wear lots of hats…I own a software company, a technical support company, and do a little real-estate developing but my true love is designing, building, and starting up control systems.

Over the last 16 years, I’ve been doing 4-5 projects a year in my “free time”. Recently, I asked myself what I love to do and I kept coming back to Industrial Automation. So, I’m working hard to get my other companies on autopilot so I can focus most of my effort back on DBR Systems. I’ve also reached out to a buddy of mine about building a world-class systems integrator together. He already has a great start with his packaging company, DasPac! I’ll be joining the team to add engineering and integration to the mix. I’m looking forward to spending more time in the automation world.